Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Thing I Have Learned ..

One thing that I have learned about myself by being a high schooler for one week is that it is not as hard as I thought it would be. I thought high school was going to be way harder than it actually is. I feel like I can do this. I have everything under control, I thought I wouldn't be able to with toms of homework. One thing I have learned about myself is that at this point I need to focus. I need to start getting things in order and prepare myself for graduation and college. I need to focus and get the best grades I can because high school is the first stop to the rest of your life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Freshman Year - Intro

1. Something good from my summer was spending quality family time with family.

2. My three favorite movies are The Hunger Games, The Fault in our Stars, and Need for Speed.

3. My two favorite singers are Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

4. My favorite candy is Reese's.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging Challenge 5 - Tech Trek

This week for the Blogging Challenge 5, I decided to create my three 2.0 web tools on my trip to Washington D.C. in May.




Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogging Challenge 4 - What's All the Blogging About?


I'm sure that you've all heard about the Hunger Games Trilogy. Watched the movies? Most likely. But, have you read the books. I feel that if you have not read the book, the movie is not the same. You understand the movie more, because you know what the characters are thinking while they are acting. Suzanne Collins really brought as a book with a detailed description of a dystopic society. These books are really well written, the instant you read the first chapter you will be hooked. If you read one of her three books, it is inevitable that you will be done with the trilogy.

What caught my attention with the three books is that I had never read anything like this. The dystopic society that is described is what truly intrigued me. The way how the society is described doesn't seem like ours at all, but once you think about it you start to wonder if it is in someway our society's future.  I also the trilogy because you can't classify it into one genre. This is what makes The Hunger Games distinctive, idiosyncratic, if I must say. The books have action, romance, suspense, society. I think that it will satisfy anyone, no matter what their favorite genre is.

Although, I loved this trilogy, and it was one of the best book trilogies I have ever read, I was left wanting more. The ending, which I won't reveal because you should read it for yourself, was definitely a unique and unanticipated ending. Although, I wonder could of there been more, could there be more? I don't know, all I know is that I would definitely be excited about it, if Collins did decided to add to the trilogy. Or even better, start a new one. I didn't like how the trilogy was ended though. I feel like it should have had a more happy ending, and a more descriptive one. 

Website: Prompt Proofing 
Author: Pat Wootton
Date of Post: Unknown
Name of Post: Book Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Summary and Comparison:
The article talked a lot about the pros and cons of the the trilogy all together.I liked and completely agreed with this blog post. It talked about all the negatives and the positives of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Some of the negatives that I agreed with was the fact that in the last book, I did not appreciate how Katniss's future was told in a few pages at the end of the book. I also agreed with the fact that Suzanne Collins wrote about a society that seemed completely different from ours, but then once again it was like our society. It relates to our society because of it shows us how entertainment can have a negative impact on society.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Challenge 3 - What's in a Picture?


Story Sparker Line: I tried to keep it a secret, but.....

Story Sparker Picture:


                                                            The Secret Treehouse

I tried to keep it a secret, but she followed me. It was supposed to be my secret place, a place where I could think and be alone, but now, it wasn’t.
It was a usual summer day. The hot, humid air sticking to our clothes. Our faces red and sticky from the blistering heat. I started for my usual walk, feeling a slight breeze from the trees right when I entered the woods. I was instantly calmed by the chirping of the birds and the crackling of the leaves and twigs beneath me. The smell of raw earth filling my nose. That’s why I could have never heard Emily behind me. Emily is my best friend. We have been friends since as long as I could remember. Her and I looked a lot like each other, that was the reason we clicked instantly in third grade. We both have the same long curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and short figures. She had been at my house five minutes before I left. Although that doesn’t explain why she could have followed me. Her house was a block away and she always rode her bike home. She gets home in about three minutes.

My secret place was an abandoned tree house in the woods half a block from my house. It had a trail, but a very old one. It was barely noticeable, making it clear that no one had walked on it in years. I decided to walk through it in the beginning of the summer. I was bored and wanted to find something to do. When I came to the treehouse, I immediately stopped to exam it. It had no name carved into it, which is the usual way to claim someone’s treehouse. Although, after taking out handfuls of dirt and small twigs, I entered the treehouse and examined the inside walls as well. Inside were the initials E.C. and the year 2005. I immediately recalled that those were Emily’s initials, and came to the idea that I could show Emily. But the idea was later erased because I decided I wanted this to be my secret. The next day, I brought a broom and cleaned all the dirt out. Later, I brought some wood, nails, and a hammer and placed it on the wood that had rotted. I also fixed the roof because it had some holes. After that, I grabbed a giant pillow from my room, brought a book, and read until dinner time. I fell in love with it. It became a routine, everyday before dinner. I would grab a book or my phone or sometimes just think in the treehouse for hours. I continued that routine for about a month until the day she followed me.

I was already climbing up the treehouse when I saw her. She tried to hide, but I caught her with the corner of my eye.
“Emily?” I said.
“Hey Haley,” she said, “do you come here often?”
“Uhh, yeah kinda.”
“I understand, I loved coming here as well,” she said, “but, I..”
“Wait, you’ve been to this treehouse before?”
“Who’s is it?” I said excitedly, “Is it yours?”
“Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” Emily said, looking down at the floor while rubbing her foot in the dirt.
“Why not, what happened?”
As I said that I remembered the initials carved into the wall. Of course, I thought, it is hers.
“Can I come in?” Emily asked.
“Of course.”
I climbed inside and leaned against my pillow. She followed and sat down across from me. For what seemed like minutes, we sat in silence. She just stared at the treehouse, examining every little detail of the wood, like there was a story behind each one.
“How did you know I was coming here?” I finally spoke.
“For the past two days, when my dad drove me to gymnastics, I saw you walking to the woods.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot you passed through here on your way.” I felt so dumb, of course she did. I should have known that she passes through here at five o'clock every Wednesday and Thursday.
We sat there for another period of time in silence.
She finally spoke and said, “Valerie and I built this with my dad.”
She gazed off and said, “A long time ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday.”

I instantly remembered. Valerie was Emily’s younger sister. Emily had told me the second day we became friends that Valerie died in a car accident a few months earlier. She was only five years old. I remember her telling me that her whole family was really sad for what seemed like years, but now sometimes her mom would make dinner and her dad would enter his office and do work. In our six years of being friends, did we ever reach that topic again, until that day.

She stood and walked over the side of the treehouse where I had never bothered looking at nor cleaning. She ran her fingers over something, and I stood up and walked over to see what it was.

“My initials are over there.” She said moving her head to the direction of the wall where I had seen them the first day.
“Valerie’s are right here.” She ran her fingers over the carved V.C. on the wall.
“This was our favorite place in the world,” she said quietly, “but, I stopped coming after,” she looked up at me, “ know.”
“I completely understand, I promise I didn’t know, I,I..,” I said sounding more distraught than I wanted to, “I promise I’ll never come here again.” I started opening the latch of the door when Emily grasped my shoulder.
“No,” she said firmly, “I need to move on, and this is a big part of it.”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Positive,” she said, “you know, Valerie always said she wanted to paint the treehouse mint green.”
“Oh.” I said, not knowing what else to say to her at this moment.
“I know that you fell in love with this place just like Valerie and I did,” she started, “I was wondering if you would help me paint it, remodel the whole thing just like Valerie would have wanted it.”
In an instant I replied, “Of course, that’d be great.”

From that moment on, we took any job. From yard work to babysitting, just to collect enough money to buy the paint and anything else that we needed to fix up the treehouse. About two weeks later, we collected enough money and bought all the supplies. We started by taken out any rotten wood that I didn’t remove on the second day I had discovered it. We neatly placed new wood on the floor and then started with the roof. It took us several hours since we couldn’t remove so much wood at time or else we would fall at least ten feet off the ground. We finished the roof and cleaned the treehouse as best as possible. Then we finally painted the whole tree house except the door mint green. We had some money left over so we bought a can of a coral pink and white. We grabbed some tape and painted the door in a white and coral pink chevron pattern. We also painted the initials white, so they could stand out more. We worked for hours upon hours a day. The whole time working in silence, in deep concentration and determination. In three days we were done and the paint was dry. For the final touch, I brought stencils that I had bought a long time ago when I redesigned my room. On a wall, we stenciled ‘In Memory of Valerie’. Emily looked really tired so I told her to go home and that I would finish up the last three letters. She took my advice, which was a surprise to me, knowing how stubborn she was.
Before leaving she said, “Thank you Haley, thank you so much, you don’t know how much this means to me,” she paused then asked, “how could I repay you.”
“You don’t have to repay me, I don’t want you to.” I said.
She smiled at me before stepping down and closing the door behind her.
When I was done, I decided it was only fair to stencil Emily’s name on the wall as well. It was her treehouse too, and there was plenty of paint left. An hour later, I was finally done, making sure every detail was nothing less than perfect. I was really tired and decided I would just come back tomorrow and pick up the paint cans and brushes. We still had some paint left, and I wanted to ask Emily if she wanted it first. So, I went home, making sure the treehouse door was closed behind me.

The next morning, I woke up sore and tired, but told myself I needed to go to the treehouse to pick up the paint and brushes before I left to the mall with my mom. I threw on some jeans and a sweater, grabbed a granola bar, and told my mom I was going to the treehouse to pick up some things. It was a perfect day, not too hot nor too cold. A warm summer breeze and the chirping of what seemed like hundreds of birds filled the morning air. When I got to the treehouse and opened the door, I instantly saw that the cans and brushes were not where I had left them the night before. I assured myself that Emily had beat me to it and stepped down and out of the treehouse. I closed the door behind me not noticing what had been done to the wall...